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A Message from Chief Jeffrey D. Rosier, Sr.



Get out and get some exercise by walking with Chief Rosier through your community, click here for a message from Chief Rosier and to get more information on dates and times for your community!

Patrol Division                                                                               Investigative Division 

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The tragic events that occurred last week affected citizens of all races in all communities across the country, and the City of Whiteville was no different. As your Chief of Police, I personally witnessed how strong our communities are and the support that was given to our police department by all citizens from all ethnicities. In place of blame, these communities took this tragedy and pulled together for prayer and unity to produce a network of communication and resolve. This support was overwhelming and made your Officers feel that they were important, and their purpose did matter to ALL people they were serving.

The Whiteville Police Department will continue to hire, train and develop officers with de-escalation skills and the proper use of influence when handling conflictive situations. The laws of this State and Country is the central focus on enforcement, and not the color or ethnicity of anyone involved. I am currently working on obtaining body cameras for all officers that will assist in the identification of offenders and evidence for court as well as keeping all officers accountable to the values and ethics of the Department and the laws of this State. I will ensure that our officers are trained annually and we are involved and interrelate with all the communities we serve through our community events, community neighborhoods watches, school programs, and civic affairs.

The men and women of this agency will continue to work hard to keep our communities safe day and night. Thank you for teaming up with us!!!!


New on April 24, 2017!  The City is accepting Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to provide concessions services at the City's Parks and Recreation sites by means of an independent contractor's agreement. Click HERE for full RFP advertisement. RFP packets can be obtained with more information by visiting the City Clerk's office or calling 910-642-8046, extension 1007 and speaking with Bonnie Williams. For questions concerning the project scope of work, please contact Blake Spivey at 910-642-9052, extension 6002. The deadline to submit a RFP is no later than 5pm on Thursday, May 4, 2017. Any RFP packet received after the time and date specified shall not be considered. The City reserves the right to reject any and/or all RFP's.

New on April 20, 2017!   The City is experiencing a water main break on Legion Drive. This may affect Spruce Street, Sunset Avenue, Sycamore Lane, First Avenue, and surrounding areas. It is not known at this time when water will be restored. The City appreciates your patience.

New on April 18, 2017!   NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING: The Whiteville City Council will meet on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 10 am in Council Chambers at City Hall located at 24 Hill Plaza in Whiteville to discuss matters related to the FY2017-18 Budget for the City. The Public is invited to attend. 

NEW on April 17, 2017! The City is accepting seal bids for the purchase of personal property, a house located at 309 S. Madison Street in Whiteville. There are conditions to the sale. The deadline to submit bids to the City Clerk is no later than 1:59 pm on Wednesday, May, 10 2017. The bid opening will be at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, May 10, 2017. Click HERE for more information.

Click HERE for information regarding Scams and to get tips for Roofing, Flooding, and Tree Repairs. This flyer also tells you how to report Scams. This flyer was taken from the Attorney General's website.

Click HERE to view a 2 minute video from Duke Energy Carolinas that highlights how Duke Energy restores power after a storm. They have a very methodical process and power must be restored in a sequential order due to its interconnectivity.

Click here to view/print a copy of the approved FY2016-17 Budget for the City of Whiteville. The FY2016-17 Budget was approved by City Council on June 14, 2016.

Please click here to see the guidelines for Yard Waste Pickup. If you want or need the guidelines in Spanish, click here.

Click here to view or print a copy of the 2015 Water Quality Report for the City of Whiteville. Click here for the report in Spanish.

See here for a Press Release relating to Water Bill(s) Scam. Click here to view the release in Spanish.