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Whiteville Police Department
117 East Columbus Street
P.O.Box 607
Whiteville, NC  28472
910-642-5111 (voice)
910-642-5113 (fax)

Office Hours
8:00am - 5:00pm

Marc McGee
Patrol Lieutenant

Bobby Fowler
Investigative Lieutenant 

Edna K. Dowless
Administrative Services Manager 


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Chief Jeff Rosier

Sweepstakes Scheme The Whiteville Police Department has received a report of a scam involving a counterfeit check. The victim received a letter informing him that he was a winner in the African and USA consumer sweepstake. Along with the letter was an authentic looking check for $4,350.00 processing fee. When the victim attempted to cash the check, he was told the check was no good. Had the bank cashed the check and later discovered that it was counterfeit, the complainant would be held liable for the $4,350.00. The Whiteville Police Department would like to warn citizens of this type of scam. Should you receive such a notice, you should ask yourself: When did I enter this contest? Why are they sending me a check and I have to send some or most of it back as a fee? Why is there no signature at the end of the letter? Why is this notice being sent by regular mail instead of registered mail? Remember: If it sounds too good to be true.....It is probably NOT true.

Community Watch

With the coming of warmer weather also comes an increase in criminal activity in most communities throughout the United States.  We invite anyone interested in forming a Community Watch Group in their neighborhood to contact Lt. Marc McGee at 910-642-5111 or by email at

The Whiteville Police Department is committed to keeping our City safe.  Community Watch Groups send a clear signal to the criminals that the citizens of Whiteville care about their communities and are watching out for their neighbors. 

Benefits of having a Community Watch are:

* Monthly meetings with your neighbors to discuss concerns/issues in and around your neighborhood.

* Awareness of what is happening in your community.  You are your neighbors "eyes and ears" when they are away from home to report any suspicious activity to the police.

* Closer bond with your neighbors because neighbors look out for each other.

There are currently five (5) active Community Watch Groups within the City. 





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